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Our Instructors

Joshua Garcia

Co-Owner & Instructor

Renny Gonzalez

Co-Owner & Instructor

About Teknica

Here at Teknica Jiu Jitsu, ur expert instructors teach you and/or your child valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline, self-defense, goal setting & leadership to push you to reach your goals!

Jiu jitsu & submission grapplping

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a highly effective fighting system that provides individuals with the necessary skills to subdue an attacker without causing serious harm. It is particularly advantageous in empowering smaller fighters to defend themselves against larger opponents. Our BJJ classes are designed to be fun and inclusive to all aspiring martial artists irrespective of their skill level. Skilled professionals who have trained extensively over several years will offer rigorous instruction to perfect your techniques. By enrolling at Teknica, with our BJJ classes, you can lose weight, gain strength, and have an enjoyable experience while learning a new skill.

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